Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well hello all (:

I had the honor of spending the afternoon/evening with my youngest sister Hayley. On Tuesday's I have the duty of getting her off the bus and then spending sometime with her until our mom gets home. I love spending time with Hayley, she brings an instant smile to my face. She is 19 (which she just turned yesterday!!) and has a syndrome called Rett Syndrome which means she has the mentality of a baby. Check out this Site to learn more about the syndrome. Hayley is truly a blessing and brings me complete joy. I love her unconditionally and I know that I get the same love in return from her (: I thank God for having her in my life.
Hayley's Birthday

Hayley taking a nap with Sidney after her snack today.
Such cuties
 As I was leaving the house to return to my apartment I looked up at the sky, which is sooooo much clearer than where I live which is closer to the city, and the stars were absolutely breath taking. I am honestly so grateful for my apartment and my awesome roommates but one day hope to be living somewhat further away from the city and closer to the country side so I can see the sky come alive at night without street lights (:

These are beautiful too:

 Goodnight all

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