Monday, March 28, 2011


So this summer I have the opportunity to be able to serve in Malaysia on a mission team, I will be there for three weeks volunteering my time and helping others in a hospital in need, while helping them to know God and how amazing and wonderful he is. I am asking for your help in this mission trip.

First, prayer is needed! Please pray for our efforts and time while in Malaysia!
Second, if you can donate anything that would be wonderful and extremely appreciated!

Sending Thoughts

Yet another night, up late writing papers. But I'm content with the fact.

Today was such a great day (: Started off with my friend Kirstin coming over and spending some wonderful time her. I am so grateful for the friendships that God has given me. Kirstin is such a great friend and her love is inspiring! I had the joy to just spend the time with her this morning talking together, while learning more about God, and praying together. I am just grateful for her friendship, I am grateful for her in my life (:
Then the day followed with going to this amazing place in Pittsburgh called construction junction. If you live in Pittsburgh or come to visit you have to check this place out. I love it! I feel like a little kid when I enter this warehouse, it is filled of wonderful gadgets and old vintage building materials. I love places like this that find such amazing and creative ways to reuse and in a way recycle rather than throwing away older materials. Brings me joy (:

I was able to go grocery shopping, ahhhh so happy about that!! Money has been tight every month, only leaving bills to be paid. I am so grateful for the roommates I have and their sharing, giving hearts. I'm so thankful that I even had the money to make rent and other bills (: But today I was able to go to whole foods and get some yummy food! While their I ran into my friend Chace and spent sometime talking about God (:

As I came back home, excited about what I was returning with I began to clean, sing songs and garden a bit, which was great!! Then my roommate Terra walked in, our schedules are quite different so I don't get to see her as often as I wish I could. But we spent most of the evening catching up on our lives as she made dinner and I made some dark choloate oatmeal cookies (:

Today was a good day!

Every week I will be updating with something from the book that we are reading together as a church called "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan. I definitely recommend you check this book out, it's amazing and I'm only a chapter in!

Well back to this paper. Good night all!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Red Balloons

Today the beauty of spring is pushing it's way through the winter air here in Pittsburgh. As I was walking through my campus today and saw the tulips popping through the ground! So exciting, I can't wait to see wild flowers growing everywhere. It shall all come within time, but as for now I'm grateful to be wearing just a hoodie to stay warm.

I love this video! I really enjoy Anathallo's music, it's so beautiful. Please, if you have never hear of them please please go listen they are absolutely wonderful (: 

Here are some photos from the video:

I love the fields this video. They are so beautiful. I want to jump right into the video, lie in the field and fix my eyes upon the sky; having the red balloons would make that all just so complete. Well, I could go on be I need to finish this proposal paper. I hope you all enjoy the day (: Wanted to share the happiness today brought, I hope you all can find some happiness in your day as well. 

Happy Wednesday.