Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Red Balloons

Today the beauty of spring is pushing it's way through the winter air here in Pittsburgh. As I was walking through my campus today and saw the tulips popping through the ground! So exciting, I can't wait to see wild flowers growing everywhere. It shall all come within time, but as for now I'm grateful to be wearing just a hoodie to stay warm.

I love this video! I really enjoy Anathallo's music, it's so beautiful. Please, if you have never hear of them please please go listen they are absolutely wonderful (: 

Here are some photos from the video:

I love the fields this video. They are so beautiful. I want to jump right into the video, lie in the field and fix my eyes upon the sky; having the red balloons would make that all just so complete. Well, I could go on be I need to finish this proposal paper. I hope you all enjoy the day (: Wanted to share the happiness today brought, I hope you all can find some happiness in your day as well. 

Happy Wednesday.

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