Sunday, February 27, 2011

The storm is passing over...

Today while I was at work, I was getting a drink for someone I was waiting on (I'm a waitress) and began to watch the news....well the weather news. I was more so bored and just stared up at the television to fill the boredom and boom it did.....the weather news (I know weird wording) brought me some very very very encouraging news! The beep beep beep signal came on the television to alert views that so and so counties are under a thunderstorm warning. Ah I was so excited, I love LOVE rain so much but thunderstorms are just so beautiful!  

As I was leaving work tonight, there was no sign of the weather they predicted, but then a few baby raindrops feel from the sky. I shouted YES rather loudly (: I got to my car, and sat there for a while...didn't start the car, didn't say anything, but just sat there and looked at the dark sky as the rain started to increase and pound upon my car. I sat there for some time...sat and smiled. I am so thankful for all the rainy days. But I need some good rain boots, I started thinking about this as I drove home. It rains quite often in Pittsburgh, and I seem to never be prepared, shoe wise, for the weather, despite the fact that I have lived here forever.

In other news I was in Virginia last weekend for a retreat, it was such a great retreat. The weekend was full of joy and learning...focused on God. Many memories, from the ride down, from being there, and to the ride back home. (:

Beautiful picture that my really good friend Meagan took of one of our many pit stops on our way there (: Such a fun time:

I am grateful for this group of people:

I am so thankful for the many friendship I have, and how strong they are and not shallow. This weekend was great and was full of many great memories and great conversations (:

I will end with this 2 Corinthians 5:14

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